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About the Author

6-time National Bestselling author Derek Foster left the rat race at the age of 34 despite spending his 20s backpacking across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand – and living a number of years in Asia.  He later became “The Idiot Millionaire” using a simple investment strategy any 6-year-old can follow.

His National Bestsellers include:

  • STOP WORKING: Here’s How You Can!
  • The Lazy Investor: Start With $50 and No Investment Knowledge
  • Money for Nothing: And Your Stocks for FREE!
  • STOP WORKING TOO: You Still Can!
  • The Idiot Millionaire
  • The Worried Boomer: No Pension? Not Wealthy? Here’s YOUR Plan!

When not writing or public speaking, Derek spends his time with his wife and five children.

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