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Media Opinions

“His (Derek Foster’s) seductively simple approach… resonated with tens of thousands of Canadians who bought his bestselling books…”
— Globe and Mail

“Thanks to a healthy stock portfolio, Derek Foster retired when he was 34 years old.”
Toronto Star

“Thanks to a solid investment plan and a knack for picking the right stocks he (Derek Foster) was able to retire, mortgage-free, at the age of 34.”
— ROBTV (forerunner to BNN)

“He’s (Derek Foster) playing his very own game, which he’s winning…”
— National Post

“…and he did it by turning the whole concept of what it means to save for retirement on its head.”
— Moneysense Magazine

“While Warren Buffett is known as the Oracle of Omaha, investment whiz Derek Foster could be labelled the Wise Man of Wasaga Beach .”
Toronto Sun

“…thousands of Canadians have hung on his every word.”
— Maclean’s

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