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About the books

The Worried Boomer: No Pension? Not Wealthy? Here’s YOUR Plan! sheds light on the unknown darkness which surrounds retirement planning.  You can achieve a comfortable and worry-free retirement even if you don’t have a pension plan and aren’t wealthy.  This book reveals the little-known financial tools you need to create your own successful retirement action plan.  Achieve your goals with this simple step-by-step guide.  Knowledge is power!  Erase YOUR fears!

The Idiot Millionaire: YOU Can Become Wealthy! shows you how to invest to create wealth – regardless of your investment knowledge.  The reality is that most investments are NOT worth owning at any price.  This book explains what makes a good investment and gives you an actual list of quality investments that you can buy, hold, and become wealthy with.

Stop Working, Here's How You Can smashes some common myths and shows the reader exactly how anyone can achieve early retirement following a simple, proven strategy. The book raises provocative questions such as, "If your financial planner has some special investing skill, why isn't he rich already - and retired?" And "If he can't create an early retirement for himself, how will he do it for you?"

The Lazy Investor: Start with $50 and no Investment Knowledge was written for beginner investors.  The book details a step-by-step plan for you to gradually accumulate wealth over time without falling victim to the high fees many beginner investors pay.  A strategy simple enough for anyone to understand and one that runs on “autopilot” once it’s set up.  Derek’s children are currently using this strategy to accumulate wealth.

Stop Working Too: You Still Can is written in plain English without complex financial jargon.  It offers low-risk ideas that investors of any age can benefit from.  Simple step-by-step approaches are outlined which explain various, little-known tips.  Derek Foster challenges traditional financial dogma and looks at various investing secrets the financial industry will not want you to know about.  This book drives home simple realities such as the fact that, “Nobody cares whether or not you ultimately have a comfortable retirement.”  Take action and empower yourself – this book will show you how.

Money for Nothing: And Your Stocks for Free offers a unique approach to buying stocks while adding an extra margin of safety.  Written for sophisticated investors, this book offers a different strategy most people are not aware of.  The details of this unconventional approach are outlined in detail for the reader and offer investors both a way to buy stocks more cheaply or earn money from stocks without actually investing in any of them.

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